Kid’s Storage Bookcase

Combined toy chest and bookcase
Kid’s Bookcase Toy Box
An accessible display-style book organiser with a combined toy storage chest with handles in the side and easy to open storage lid
W60 × D40 × H40 cm
Kid's library-style bookcase with added storage
Kids Bookcase with Storage
This unit has a 3-shelf library on the top with a couple of storage spaces in the base
W69 × D35 × H69 cm

Give your child unlimited access to a world outside of their bedroom, with this kid’s storage bookcase – combining open fronted shelving for all their favourite books at the front of the unit, and a closed toy box or open shelving at the base of the structure. Read more…

This collection of kid’s bedroom furnishings is designed to facilitate a tidy space and encourage your little ones to put their possessions and items away after use, while still enabling them to access their books and other toys when they want them.

With the items uniquely designed for children in terms of size and height, with rounded edges and soft close lids to minimise injury, these shelving units and bookcases give them control over their own space and make tidying a part of their daily routine.

The pieces are finished in a light grey which compliments every space and delivers a gender-neutral aesthetic which will suit their ever-changing preferences and the trends that they follow throughout the décor of their bedroom.

There are two different units available in this collection, one of which boasts a toybox located behind the bookshelf front while the other has open storage spaces placed below the bookshelf.

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