Townhouse Bookcase

White bookcase with roof-style top and 3 shelves
Small Townhouse Bookcase
W76 × D31 × H91 cm
White house-style bookcase with 4 shelves
Large Townhouse Bookcase
W76 × D31 × H140 cm

Are you looking for cute and innovative ways to install storage space into your child’s room? Do you want to engage your child in tidying, and spark some creative interest in their approach to putting their toys and other items away? Read more…

The Townhouse Bookcase is a playful and incredibly simple design which makes storage more attractive and tidying more enticing for your children.

It combines the shape and design of a townhouse with the classic features of a bookcase, using the different “rooms” of the open fronted house as shelves for all your child’s books and other items and accessories.

Available in two sizes, with a white aesthetic which can easily be painted, personalised, or decorated in your chosen style, this bookcase is great as a standalone feature or when combined with other matching pieces for tons of shelf and storage space.

The angled roof really brings the whole furnishing together and transforms this bookcase from a standard set of shelves into something which inspires play and creates a more interesting aesthetic.

A talking point among parents as well as children, this is the kind of simple but creative addition to your home that will have everyone asking where you found it.

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