Amazon Basics 4 Shelf Storage Organiser

4-tier toy storage with grey frame and blue storage bins
4 Shelf Storage Organiser Grey/Blue
A muted grey finish frame with 12 storage containers
4 each pale blue, pale green & white
W85 × D28 × H79 cm
White frame 4 tier organiser with pink bins
4 Shelf Storage Organiser White/Pink
An all white frame with pink and green containers
4-tier toy sorter with natural frame and brightly coloured storage containers
4 Shelf Storage Organiser Natural Bright
12 bright yellow, blue and red toy containers with a natural wood finish frame

The ultimate organiser for your kids favourite things, allowing them to carefully arrange and assign a storage container for each game or toy as they prefer. Read more…

If you’re looking to encourage good tidying habits in your little ones, and also keep your home as neat and clutter-free as possible, then this affordable 4 shelf storage organiser is the perfect addition to your home – slotting neatly into a corner or against a wall with a selection of colours and storage boxes available.

The boxes, which are available in a range of sizes, all slot into the shelves and sit angled downwards so that they remain accessible and easy to reach for kids of all ages.

The addition of rails which hold the boxes in place ensure that they can’t slip and fall onto playing children, while the lightweight plastic design of the boxes means that they are easy to remove and slot back into the shelving unit when you need them.

A range of colours palettes allow you to add life and vibrance to your child’s room regardless of the surrounding colour and design scheme – with a grey/blue, pastel pink, and bright primary colours selection available.

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