Open Toy Storage Units

Open top toy storage container
Kid’s Toy Storage Table
Large open toy chest with a white-painted finish and mounted on natural wooden legs
W66 × D34 × H40 cm
3-tier open toy storage unit
Kid’s Wooden Toy Storage
A 3-tier unit, each shelf with 3 compartments to ease oragnaisation of their favourite toys
W63 × D34 × H80 cm

Finding toy storage which is attractive as well as accessible, with sufficient space for your kids’ toys and games can be difficult – especially in a modern and clutter-free home. Read more…

This collection of open toy storage units combines stacked boxes in different configurations and sizes, all set atop a wooden framed unit with angled fittings to ensure your kids can access the inside of the storage unit with ease.

The units, which are deep and combine segmented compartments with large open boxes, are angled to maximise accessibility and visibility of what’s inside – making these the ideal solution for not only tidying your kids’ toys but also instilling good habits in terms of tidying things away to the right places.

With an eye to child-friendly design, these units are all light and bright and combine their durability with a lightweight build to facilitate convenient movement. The edges are all subtly rounded to minimise injury, while the angled legs ensure that the units remain upstanding and stable regardless of the surface they’re stood on.

Child friendly storage containers which look good, and which help to nurture good tidying habits from an early age. The ideal solution for a modern family home.

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