Mamoi Modular Dress-Up Rail

Kid's modular clothes rail with 3 shelves
Kid’s modular clothes rail, available as a single or double width unit with with 3 or 4 fabric shelves
Single clothes rail with one shelf
MAMOI Children’s Clothes Rail Single Shelf
W53 × D32 × H95 cm
Kid's Double Clothes Rail with 3 Shelves
MAMOI Children’s Clothes Rail with 3 Grey Shelves
W106 × D32 × H95 cm
Kid's modular clothes rail with 4 shleves
MAMOI Children’s Clothes Rail with 4 Beige Shelves
W106 × D32 × H95 cm

When it comes to storing, displaying, and browsing your child’s clothing, it’s important to find a solution which matches the aesthetic of their room, but which is also accessible for them and empowers them to take control over their own style and look. Read more…

The Mamo Modular dress-up rail is an open solution complete with both shelving and hanging rail, which is separated into different sections for various possessions.

With a longer hanging rail ideal for dresses and trousers, shelving sections for t-shirts and other accessories, and a lower rail which is suitable for jackets and jumpers, every item of clothing has a home on this storage piece.

Best of all, all of those different storage and hanging solutions are combined in one unit which is incredibly simple in aesthetic and endlessly versatile from a user point of view.

As you look at this rail from different angles, you will notice that the construction is basic and ensures that the entire unit remains lightweight while also being sturdy and strong.

The slightly bowed main frame serves to add light decorative energy to the rail and maximises the amount of space on the shelving levels towards the base of the frame.

An ideal clothing rail which your child can access and use as they please.

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