Smiley Stackable Storage Boxes

Coloured storage carts with smiley faces
Smiley Storage Bins with Wheels
25ltr (W32 × D33 × H29 cm)
34 ltr (W43 × D32 × H31 cm)
Multi-coloured stackable storage drawers
Smiley Stackable Storage Drawers
10 ltr (W31 × D33 × H13 cm)
12 ltr (W28 × D36 × H18 cm)
Multi-coloured stackable storage boxes with lids
Smiley Storage Boxes
10 litr (W31 × D33 × H13 cm)

Storage doesn’t have to be boring – as evidenced by this collection of child-friendly storage boxes complete with accessible wheels and smiley face detail on the side. Read more…

The aim of these boxes is to add storage space to a child’s bedroom or playroom, but in such a way that they become engaging as accessories of their own.

The smiley face detail is incredibly simple, yet it elevates the look of these boxes from a child’s perspective and encourages them to use the boxes for storage and tidying.

Marketed as stackable, these boxes have versatile and adjustable handles which can be folded out for carrying or folded in to create a platform on which to sit the next box.

This means that the boxes can be stacked and stored away once full, without the need for extra plastic lids which are unnecessary.

Finally, the wheels fitted to each box make them super easy to move around and again empower children to take control of their own space by moving the boxes where they can access them and where they want them.

These boxes are available in a range of colours to suit all tastes and surroundings, with the grey wheels and handle details tying the collection together.

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