Habitat Kids Darby Bedside Table & Bookcase

Kid's bedside table with open storage shelf and putty grey finish
Darby Bedside Table
W33 × D30 × H46 cm
Leaning 3-tier bookcase with a putty grey finish
Habitat Kids Darby Bookcase
W54 × D20 × H110 cm

One of the best things about kids furnishings is that they come with added character, adding a whimsical aesthetic to their bedroom and ensuring that even the most standard of furnishings and items are engaging and interesting. Read more…

The Habitat Kids Darby bedside table and bookcase are simple in design with a subtle angle to the frame which optimises stability while also adding a little flair to the shape of the unit.

However, the main feature of this collection is the little feet which extend from base of each leg, and which transform the pieces from bland into hidden creatures in your child’s room.

Designed to look like the feet of their favourite characters, this simple but refined feature adds a sense of whimsy and fantasy to the overall look of the room.

Add to that the curve which holds the legs of the shelving unit away from the wall and you have a functional item which is as interesting to look at as it is useful and practical within the space.

As is often the case with kids furnishings, these items are all finished in a soft pastel shade which lends itself to bedrooms for all young ages and all genders.

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