Novelty Wall Shelves

For children’s rooms, regular wall shelves are often the cheapest option and, in most cases, will do the job just fine. But if you want something a bit more decorative or funky there are other options at hand…

2-tier cloud theme wall shelves

Cloud 3-Shelf Unit – a 3-tier unit, ideal for combined storage and display. W60 × D20 × H63 cm. £38.50 from

Cloud form wall shelves

Set of 2 Spacielle Cloud Wall Shelves – white painted metal floating shelves in the shape of a pair of fluffy clouds. Largest shelf measures: W38 × D17 × H23 cm. £55 from

Pair of speech box wall shelves

Speech Shelves – a pair of novelty speech bubble wall units, perfect for display or storage. W65 × D10 × H31 cm. £49 (plus standard delivery charge of £3.99) from

Wire frame and wood shelving unit

Metal & Wood 3-Level Shelving System – 3-tier wall shelf with a wire frame and solid wood shelves. Available in pink or turquoise. W56 × D15 × H50 cm. £47.50 from

Pink house-style floating shelves

Set of 2 Sonale House-Shaped Wall Shelves – a delightful pair of pink wall shelves with a house style frame. Largest shelf measures: W25 × D11 × H38 cm. £28 from

Tall white wall shelf unit with star cut-outs

Star Wall Shelves (Portrait) – a tall, 3 tier version of the same shelf complete with a set of hanging pegs at the bottom. W50 × D15 × H80 cm. £65 from

Pair of pink, rope suspended wall shelves

Wood & Rope Swing-Shelf – a pair of pastel pink wooden shelves suspended from white rope fixings. W56 × D13 × H60 cm. £38.50 from

Rope swing shelf

Swing Rope Floating Shelf – a single wooden shelf suspended from a rope with tassels. Available in 6 colours. Shelf measures: W38 × D14 × H23 cm.