Lego Themed Wall Hooks

Lego Themed Wall Hooks

For some odd reason, a lot of children seem to think the floor is the most sensible place to store their coats and general clothing? Convincing your child that a hook on the wall makes more sense can be a challenge because, well, it takes a bit more effort I suppose?

It’s no secret though that children can often be coaxed in too good behaviour with the aid of visual clues and bright colours, add a theme they’re also interested in and you’re on to a winner!

This is what makes these Lego themed wall hooks such a great idea. Not only will the bold colours brighten up their room they also provide a fun and convenient alternative to traditional wall hooks that young Lego fans are going to want to use at every opportunity.

The studs come in sets of 3:

  • Yellow (1cm)
  • Blue (2cm)
  • Red (3cm)
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