Gaming Cube Storage Units

Black cube storage units with red detailing
Black/Red Cube Storage Units
Black cube storage units with blue detailing
Black/Blue Cube Storage Units

Do you constantly turn a corner or walk through a door in your home to find gaming accessories, toys, and other kids’ things all over the floors and surfaces?

When you give your children a playful and inventive space to storage and display their toys and possessions, you nurture an early habit of cleaning and tidying – something which is made easier with these gaming cube storage units which integrate seamlessly into the corner of a child’s bedroom or playroom with a red or bright blue outline to add ops of colour and energy to the units.

Black 3 cube vertical unit with red painted fronts
Black 3 Cube Storage Unit
W30 × D29 × H90 cm
Black 4 cube storage unit with red painted front
Black 4 Cube Storage Unit
W60 × D29 × H60 cm
Stepped 6 cube unit with black and red finish
Black 6 Cube Storage Unit
W90 × D29 × H90 cm
9 cube storage unit with black and red finish
Black 9 Cube Storage Unit
W90 × D29 × H90 cm
Just as you might put together cubes in a game of Tetris, these storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes which you can mount and slot together according to your design preference – whether that be a single column of storage blocks or a more complex and staggered unit. READ MORE…

Whichever shape or size works best for you, these units are all lined with a rich and pure black paint which offers a stylish and modern finish – juxtaposing the cool neutrals of a modern home and giving your kids something to call their own.

Say goodbye to toys and gaming accessories across your living room, and keep the clutter contained to these specially designed, aesthetically pleasing wall units.

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