Book Caddy & Book Carts

Instead of starting a book and reading it until the end kid’s prefer to chop and change different titles depending on their mood. And there is always at least one book they don’t like to be parted from, no matter what.

This is where these book caddies come in handy, allowing them to always have a selection of books at their fingertips day and night.

Kid's book caddy with clock face
Tidy Books Book Box
A pair of compartments offer ample space for a week’s worth of books plus any other little odds and end. The clock face on the side is a nice touch too, adding an element of interactive learning.
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Book Carts

These little carts are just the right size for storing and transporting their favourite reading material. And, with a range of designs, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one your child will love.

Fox themed book cart
Great Little Trading Co Fox Book Storage Cart
Bright orange cart with a foxes face, white trim and blue wheels.
W28 × D34 × H22 cm
£45 from
Grey cat themed book cart
Great Little Trading Co Cat Book Storage Cart
Grey cat-themed box with pink trim and pink rubber wheels.
W28 × D34 × H22 cm
£45 from
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