Alba Modular Storage

Children's modular storage collection
Alba Modular Storage

Storage can be a difficult thing to judge, particularly in a child’s room or playroom where the seemingly endless array of toys and games never seem to really fit in your existing storage containers, units, and drawers.

The Alba modular storage collection is designed to maximise yours and your child’s access to storage, by presenting a range of individual items which mix and match and slot together to create your own perfect storage area.

White modular storage unit with cupboard open shelving and drawer
Set 1
W70 × D45 × H140 cm
Tall modular unit with 4 open shelves and a drawer
Set 2
W36 × D45 × H140 cm
Modular corner unit with open shelving
Set 3
W70 × D70 × H140 cm
Modular unit with cupboard, open shelving and storage bin
Set 4
W70 × D45 × H140 cm
Modular storage unit with open shelving and lower drawer
Set 5
W70 × D45 × H140 cm
Modular storage unit with 4 open shelves and a drawer
Set 6
W70 × D45 × H87 cm
Open shelving unit with 2  small and one wide drawer
Set 7
W70 × D45 × H87 cm
Unit with 2 open shelves and a drawer
Set 8
W70 × D45 × H87 cm
Tall modular storage unit with open shelves, a cupboard and a drawer
Set 9
W70 × D45 × H192 cm
Tall storage unit with opens shelves and drawers
Set 10
W70 × D45 × H192 cm

From corner units which slot into the corner of a room, to low level storage shelves, taller bookcases with integrated cabinets, and a mixture of open and closed storage spaces and shelves within a single unit, the beauty of this collection is that every individual component fits with the others to create your own ideal finish. Read more…

Homeowners can select a bookcase and a shelving unit, a corner unit and a classic unit, or a range of high and low-mounted shelves to pair together and fill their child’s space with the storage that they need.

All of that, contained within the realms of a clean white aesthetic, boasting easy-to-open drawers and doors which are accessible for children to use themselves.

All you need now is a stack of toys, books, and games to fill the endless array of shelves and drawers.

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