Room 2 Build Kid’s Furniture

Room 2 Build Storage Bed
Room 2 Build Single Bed With Storage
A storage bed with a red canvas drawer, clip-on red storage tub and 3 cubby holes in the side. W190 × D96 × H59 cm
£199 (plus delivery)
Lego themed storage unit
Room 2 Build Single Bed With Storage
A matching bedside unit with 2 shelves and red canvas drawer.
W55 × D30 × H59 cm
£99 (plus delivery)
Lego theme toy box
Room 2 Build Toy Box
A toy box with a slide-out top section, display strip and carry handles.
W43 × D42 × H39 cm
£69 (plus delivery)

Children who are obsessed with Lego are going to love this new bedroom furniture collection from Hello Home. Not only is there ample storage provided for all their building bricks but also incorporated in the design are sections especially for displaying their favourite Lego models and characters.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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