Tents, Wigwams and Dens

When I was a kid we needed to improvise when it came to pretend play. An indoor tent involved the use of a large sheet draped over a wooden clothes horse or, if that was already in use, the back of the sofa. Now kids don’t know how fortunate they are with a wide selection of ready-made tents and wigwams to choose from. These modern wigwams are also suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Pink teepee with grey chevron base
KidKraft Pink & Grey Deluxe Play Teepee
Bright pink coloured teepee with a grey chevron base.
Also available in Blue and Navy.
W122 × D122 × H162 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
Grey teepee with white star print
Stardust Teepee, Grey
Grey canvas play tent with white star pattern complete with side window.
W118 × D118 × H155 cm
£80 from johnlewis.com
Pale blue teepee
Badabulle Indoor or Outdoor Tipi Teepee Tent, Blue
Cute pale blue teepee with multi-colour pattern base.
W100 × D100 × H120 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
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