Outdoor Playhouses

2-storey playhouse with slide
TP Toys Salcombe Playhouse & Slide
A 2-storey wooden playhouse with pitched roof, balcony and a slide.
W372 × D161 × H248 cm
Teepee Style Playhouse
Great Wooden Tepee Hideaway
Wooden tepee-style playhouse with a roll-up canvas door cover.
W150 × D150 × H230 cm
£539.99 from johnlewis.com
Outdoor playhouse on stilts
Poppy Tower Playhouse
An elevated playhouse with a ladder for access. Features a guard-rail, child-friendly door and 3 windows.
W233 × D198 × H247 cm
£699 plus delivery from very.co.uk

You may consider buying an outdoor playhouse is a bit of a luxury but, when you consider how much time the kids spend at home during the summer break, anything that encourages them to venture outside has to be worth it?

It’s not as if they are that expensive either, cheaper than an iPad, that’s for sure. And, if you look after it, a wooden playhouse will last 5 – 7 years, at the very least.

Kids also love having their own space to hide-out in and there isn’t much that beats having their very own little house. And, with so many child-safe finishes available these days, you can get quite creative with colours too.

So have a great summer of keeping the kids entertained, and right outside your door too!

Looking after your playhouse

Since you’ve invested a tidy sum in their little wooden house it makes sense to look after it so you get the most use for your money. A wooden playhouse will last for years with a bit of care and regular maintenance.

Most options will come pre-treated with a preservative of some kind but you’ll need to re-do this every year. There are some preservatives and finishes available which are child-safe so use these wherever possible.

If your playhouse is self-assembly, apply any preservatives and finishes before you put it together. Not only does this make the job a lot easier, it also enables you to get to all the awkward edges which may not be accessible when it’s fully-assembled.

Never place a wooden building directly on the ground as it will soak up any water like a sponge. Elevate from the ground on concrete pads so air can circulate all the way around, especially under the floor.

Also, avoid pacing directly against a wall as this will result in the hidden side becoming damp.

If you cover the floor, ensure you lift this covering from time to time so that moisture can not build up underneath. A large rug that you can roll-up when the building is not in use would be ideal.

Now and again it’s a good idea to give the inside of your playhouse a good clean and a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment is ideal. A vacuum nozzle is also handy for getting into the nooks and crannies where creepy crawlies and spiders like to make themselves at home.

Once a year give all surfaces a good coating of preservative and redecorate any coloured parts, such as doors and windows, with a child-safe finish.

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