TP Safety Trampolines

TP safety trampolines are the ideal solution for those who want to add fun and playful energy to their garden, providing children with a fun and immersive form of entertainment while also maximising safety.

Built with a net surrounding the main body of the trampoline, the design of these trampolines is such that bouncing is contained – without diminishing the users ability to see out, or the ability of those outside to see and watch what they are doing.

Large round trampoline with safety net
TP Up 12ft Trampoline
Total Diam. 321 x H269 cm
Round trampoline with safety net
TP Up 10ft Trampoline
Total Diam. 305 x H250 cm
Child's trampoline with safety net
TP Up 8ft Trampoline
Total Diam. 244 x H240 cm
Child's trampoline with safety features
TP 4.5ft Junior Trampoline
Total Diam. 139 x H188 cm
Built with maximum durability, the TP safety trampolines are available in four different sizes, starting from the junior design and growing all the way up to the 12ft trampoline which is built for bigger kids and young adults. Read more…

In terms of the longevity and lifespan of the trampoline as a usable and functional entertainment piece, the beauty of these products is that they are designed to withstand consistent use, with strong springs which are only made more durable and stronger with continued use.

The frame is constructed from a weighty galvanised steel for optimum stability, while the fabric covering the outer frame is durable but will also help to cushion a fall.

The ideal upgrade for children who have outgrown their climbing frame, and who need something a little different to occupy and fill their time spent outside.

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