TP Wooden Swings

When you head to the park, what catches your eye first? For many of us, it’s the swing, and the chance to be swung up high in the air and feel, for a moment, as if we’re flying.

That is the kind of imagination and excitement that children should experience every single day – with the TP collection of wooden swings making this feeling more accessible than ever by inviting homeowners and families to purchase a wooden swing for their own garden or outdoor space.

Small and large convertible swing sets
TP Forest Acorn Growable Wooden Swing Set
W131/156 × D117/183 × H123/209 cm
Child playing on a single wooden swing
TP Forest Wooden Single Swing
W156 × D183 × H209 cm
Children playing on a wooden swing and slide set
TP Forest Multiplay Single Wooden Swing & Slide Set
W276 × D189 × H208 cm
Carefully crafted to ensure maximum safety and durability, while minimising the amount of space and garden that they command, these wood swings are available in a wide array of structures and finishes – ranging from the single swing to the adjustable swing set and the combined swing and climbing frame which unites two activities in one. Read more…

The adjustable swing set is a particularly good investment for those with young children, as the changeable frame height and varying seats allow for the swing to be elevated and adjusted as your child grows.

Made from FC certified European timber, these wooden swings are all made from strong, durable, and sustainably sourced wood and combine their playful function with the kind of simple and modern style which ensures the look and beauty of your outdoor space is not compromised.

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