Locker Bedroom Furniture

Licker-style bedroom furniture
To achieve an authentic industrial look without breaking the bank is very difficult. If you’re looking to style their room with that New York loft chic but don’t have the million dollars stashed away then Julian Bowen might have an answer. You may not have the Manhattan apartment or play for the New York Yankees but you can live the dream!
Locker-style bedside unit
Locker 1 Drawer Bedside
W35 × D42 × H52 cm
£109 plus delivery
4-drawer locker-themed chest
Locker 4-Drawer Chest
W84 × D40 × H80 cm
£229 plus delivery
3 plus 3 locker-themed chest of drawers
Locker 6-Drawer Wide Chest
W130 × D40 × H80 cm
£289 plus delivery
Locker-themed desk
Locker Desk
W120 × D55 × H75 cm
£229 plus delivery
Locker-themed wardrobe with drawers
Locker 2-Door 2-Drawer Wardrobe
W84 × D53 × H183 cm
£369 plus delivery

A metallic looking grey lacquer covering gives a ‘sheet steel’ feel to the furniture. Combine this with the ventilation grill effect and the black legs and handles and the range has an American sports locker room appeal. READ MORE…

A boys bedroom update would benefit from this style of storage, giving the room a distinctly male feel they would be at home with. The desk giving a solid base and desk top space for gaming with friends and the six drawer chest plenty of storage for actually putting away their clothing!

Owning nice looking solid furniture might just be the encouragement they need! The Lakers range will happily withstand the day to day use of your young man and provide accent pieces that would fit with any colourway.

These sturdy utilitarian pieces from the Julian Bowen Lockers collection are easy to assemble using simple instructions and will last for many years to come. You might even get your child to help you put it together.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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