Getting the Kids Involved

The best way to encourage your toddler to use their bedroom is to get them involved in the decor, not an easy process when they’re at the age where anything bright and gaudy is the love of their life.

Thankfully, it’s a stage that only lasts a few years, try to channel their enthusiasm and incorporate some of their ideas to create a space that they adore.

Bookcases & Display Shelving

Let your child arrange their most favourite things in their room, give them a bookcase or wall shelves and get them involved in organising their own things the way they like.

Wall-mounted gallery bookcases
Gallery-style bookcases provide easy access for youngsters

Not only will it mean they’re included in the process, but it will also help teach them to look after and love their own room and possessions.

Buy Sturdy Furniture

Practically everything in your toddler’s room will be perceived as a toy to them, from the curtains to the bed to the soft toys and cars, so it’s important that you buy sturdy furniture and furnishings that will stand up to a beating, and a bouncing, and several games of hide and seek.

Child attempting to climb a set of drawers
Secure drawers to the wall so they don’t become a climbing frame.

Make sure that anything tall or able to topple is fixed to the wall, and that open drawers can’t be used as ladder rungs.

Create a Feature Wall

A bold, lime coloured tree muraluk
A bold, lime coloured tree mural creates a stunning effect |

Indulge their love of bright colour and paint a feature wall in their favourite shade. If possible make this wall where their toys are kept, they will be drawn more to this area because of the colour and combining their toys will help encourage them to put them back again.

Clothes Storage

Toddler’s clothes are still too small to really need hanging space, so stick with drawers for now and use the space freed up by not having a wardrobe for storage.

Children's Clothes Rail
A clothes rail is a neat idea for keeping kid’s clothes organised

Toys can be tucked away in hammocks, on shelves or through other space-saving ways that still allow your toddler to have access.

You can never have enough storage, your child is only going to keep accumulating things, so look for out-of-the-way places to put things, such as under the bed, to free up as much space for play on the floor as possible.

Wall Stickers & Accessories

Indulge their fads through the use of wall stickers, soft furnishings and other easily replaceable items.

Giraffe wall sticker
Combined height charts and wall stickers are both decorative and practical.

Their fads will come thick and fast as they grow, anything that can help make their room a haven as well as a reflection of their personality will encourage them to spend time there, and if you can do that without needing to completely redecorate it will be a bonus for you and your wallet.

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