Gallery Bookcases

When selecting books young children often rely on the image on the front cover for identification. So they’ll appreciate these gallery style bookcase with the books displayed outwards, making it easy to find the reading material they are after.

Wall-mounted bookcase
Greenaway Gallery Bookcase
A wall mounted option with a slimline design and 4 display shelves.
118 cm high x 80 cm wide.
£100 from
Slimline 4-tier wall-mounted bookcase
Greenaway Skinny Gallery Bookcase
This slimline version for smaller rooms also has 4 shelves complete with rails to keep books upright.
W50 × D12 × H118 cm
£89 from
White forward facing bookcase with alphabet letters on the front
Tidy Books Bookcases
A range of child-friendly bookcases in a selection of colours and 3D alphabet letters.
115 cm high x 77 cm wide
Colours: natural, white, pink or blue
Available from
Free-standing display bookcase
Confetti Book Display Stand
Free-standing design, very slender but able to store lots of books.
W81 × D15 × H110 cm
£85 from
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