Bunk Bed Buddy

Bunk beds and high sleepers are a great idea for shared rooms but they do present a problem where bedside storage is concerned, especially on the top bunk.

White bedside shelf unit
Bunk bed shelves with a natural finish

This is where these Bunk Bed Buddy Wall Shelves come into play by providing a handy storage place for stuff like books and bedtime snacks which would otherwise end up on the floor or beneath the covers.

And because children can store all their favourite books, toys and, maybe, an alarm clock it means they won’t have to get out of bed so often.

These shelves can also be useful where space is tight because you may be able to make do without a bulky bedside cabinet?

Available in a range of colours the shelves measure 53 x 33 cm and are 12 cm deep at the base.

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