Woodland Wander

We love staying at my parents house, they have a massive garden which the children love, but also there is a lovely woodland right next door, so when we were there last week we just had to go for a wander through the woods.

Walking in the woods with kids

Pinky and Boo are always up for a walk in the woods, however BB this time was rather reluctant to leave the fun in the garden. So how do you get a 6 yr old boy to go for a walk??

Tell him he can take some tools! Yes, he couldn’t wait! Pinky and Boo took little buckets to collect things, while BB wanted to collect wood. He strapped a bucket to a trolley Nana had, grabbed the mallet and off we went. BB even wore his builders hat!

There were not too many good leaves about yet, but Pinky and Boo discovered a passion for feathers! There were loads and loads of them, they loved hunting for pretty feathers, big and small, some fluffy, some not. They added them to their buckets along with a few nice leaves.woodland wandering collecting

BB was on the hunt for big sticks/logs. He went round hammering all the logs he could find. He collected some in his bucket/trolley. He loved it. Then he realised nana had some scissors for a little foliage, he loved that even more! It was great seeing him so inspired in the woods.

Once we got back to the house BB couldn’t wait to get Grandads saw out to saw the logs he collected. We showed him how to cut them and how to use the tools, gave him some gloves and let him loose. He was really engrossed in it.

I must confess, my heart was in my mouth, but it needn’t have been, there were no problems, he was very careful. I think he was in his element being allowed to use grown up tools!

5 thoughts on “Woodland Wander”

  1. There really is nothing better than seeing kids in the big outdoors enjoying nature. My boy loves to get his hands on proper adult tools – great stuff!

  2. You can’t beat a day in the woods and it has been so lovely and warm lately. I love my children getting mucky and having fun outside like this

  3. Love the idea of taking the tools – this is something that Lucas would definitely do. I love that they take such delight in being outside and you didn’t even need to plan an activity; they just made their own fun.

  4. I love the tools-excellent idea! Woodland is so much fun to explore isn’t it-the best natural playground there is (apart from maybe the beach).

  5. Sounds like a lovely day in the woods, my heart would have been in my mouth too…. but im a firm believer under supervision children can do almost anything 🙂 look forward to coming back to find out about the feathers 🙂

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