Wiggle Stackable Storage

Children's stacking storage boxes painted green, blue and pink
Wiggle Stackable Storage
W27 × D35 × H13 cm
£20 each

Getting kids interested in tidying and packing their toys away is never going to be easy.

However, investing in stackable storage solutions which are versatile, colourful, and fun to stack is a good way of demonstrating to them how easy tidying up can be – inviting them to select different colour storage boxes for all their favourite toys, and separate their toys into different boxes.

Green stackable storage box
Blue-painted stackable storage box
Pink stackable storage box

Available in three pastel colours which lend themselves to use in bedrooms and through living spaces in the home, the three boxes are deliberately gender neutral to ensure they are accessible and functional for all parents. Read more…

The wiggly outline along the top of each box adds a little extra interest for children, while the cutout handles make the boxes easy to move.

Lightweight and durable, these boxes can be picked up and put down regularly – with children reconfiguring the stack as per their own preferences.

Each box is deep enough to hold a selection of stuffed toys, books, or games, with the structures sturdy enough to ensure that the boxes will not fall over and create a fall or trip hazard.

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