Kids’ Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets

Shark-themed storage basket
Shark Water Hyacinth Storage Basket
W40 × D59 × H59 cm
Unicorn themed storage basket
Unicorn Water Hyacinth Storage Basket
W38 × D59 × H66 cm
Dinosaur themed storage basket
Dino Water Hyacinth Storage Basket
W30 × D30 × H50 cm

There are some items that every home – and every room in that home – needs. One of those is storage. But how do you make storage fun, particularly in children’s rooms, where you want to maximise the way you use the space throughout the room, while also inspiring and encouraging your little ones to tidy up after themselves?

Enter the Water Hyacinth storage baskets. Read more…

Made from natural woven materials, these storage baskets are incredibly strong and durable and can hold everything from toys to dirty laundry and more – but best of all is the creative designs and shapes that they take.

Three-dimensional and aesthetically pleasing from all angles, these storage baskets take on a life and shape of their own – with a unicorn, shark, and dinosaur design all available for children with different personalities, interests, and bedroom spaces.

Colour is used sparingly to add defining details to each character, though the use of the naturally woven material is consistent – with the decision to keep the main body of each storage basket in the natural hyacinth shade a deliberate one in keeping with modern living.

A great example of how bedroom accessories and decorative pieces don’t have to be colourful or vibrant; rather, characters can be formed and integrated into the space in simple and natural ways.

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