Trio Bunk Bed

White triple bunk bed
The ultimate investment for multi-child families, this bed is a space saving solution which provides up to three beds while only requiring the footprint of one single – utilising the height of your room to its optimum potential…
Dark grey triple bunk bed
W99 × D202 × H198 cm

The beauty of this bed is that while it can become the ultimate bunk bed with three individual layers, it can also be dissembled and used as a standard bunk bed with separate single – with both the second and third levels boasting their own separate ladder to facilitate easy access to and from bed without disturbing other sleepers. Read more…

Constructed with a simple design which is available in pure white or a soft modern grey, this bed is neutral and can be personalised with your children’s own choice of bed covers and surrounding décor.

Not to mention, even if you don’t have three children, the addition of the third layer on the bunk bed provides the perfect sleeping spot for guests and is excellent storage or reading time / relaxation space without requiring any additional floor space.

A great way to maximise the use of space in your children’s rooms, while ensuring they still have their own individual bed to dress with their choice of bed sheets and call their own.

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