Teamson Bookcases

Teamson produce a range of hand-carved and hand-painted children’s furniture with bold designs and bright colours featuring cute animals, transport scenes and dinosaurs. The bookcases could be used as a centre-piece for a themed room and provide lots of useful storage with wide shelves for books or display plus a deep drawer in the base.

Safari theme painted bookcase
Safari Bookcase
A jungle scene under a blue sunny sky decorated with smiling giraffes, a tiger, butterfly and a cheeky little monkey.
W56 × D29 × H97 cm
Garden theme painte dbookcase
Magic Garden
Depicting a secret garden theme where snails, butterflies, bumblebees and frog princes come to life in a bloom of colours with pale green sides and contrasting pink shelves. W56 × D29 × H97 cm
Farm animals theme painted bookcase
Farm Collection
Decorated with a farmyard scene featuring a cute puddle duck and her offspring on the front and a host of familiar farm animals down the sides.
W56 × D29 × H97 cm
Transport Theme Painted Bookcase
For young boys who are obsessed with trucks and trains this bookcase will be a real treat with cut-out figures depicting a steam train, dump-truck, fire engine, cars and a helicopter.
W56 × D29 × H97 cm
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