Sling Style Bookcases

For youngsters these sling style bookcases are a much better idea than traditional bookshelves. Books can be stored with the cover facing forwards – which makes for easy selection. The soft canvas pockets mean books won’t be damaged when put back clumsily.

Another benefit is that books can be put back in any order they like. What’s more, they come in a range of colours so are easy to coordinate with existing decor schemes.

Sling bookcase with vehicle prints on side
Worlds Apart Vehicle Sling Bookcase
A white frame decorated with lorries, fire engines and tractors
Available from
Floral print bookcase
Worlds Apart Butterflies and Flowers Sling Bookcase
An alternative theme with pink canvas slings and a flower/butterfly print.
Available from
Easy access bookcase
Gruffalo Sling Bookcase
There are plenty of character based designs available too. The Gruffalo is a theme that works with girls as well as as boys, which explains it’s popularity.
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Pastel colour sling bookcase
Kidkraft Sling Bookshelf
A sturdy, free-standing unit available in a choice of colour styles including natural cream, soft pastel and bold primary colours.
Measures: 30 cm deep x 61 cm wide 71 cm high.
Available from
Sling style bookcase with multi-colour shelves
LIVIVO Children’s Sling Storage Bookshelf
A sturdy MDF frame with 4 pockets. Available in multi-colour, natural or pink.
W58 × D28 × H58 cm
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