Siblings Together

Siblings play, squabble and have fun. There is something special about watching siblings grow together, interact and learn alongside each other. The uniqueness of their relationship as a young child is awesome.

Holidays are a wonderful time to observe this relationship develop in its purest form, there are no other distractions, just family and the big outdoors. It’s a wonderful time to step back and see the magic happen.

Siblings walking together

I feel very privileged this week to have been able to do just that. We have been to the beach, walked in forests and played together. There have been several very special moments that made my heart melt, as well a good few that made my heart scream in frustration with their fighting, but glossing over the not so good moments, here are some magical sibling moments to remember…

We headed to the beach, a stony beach, very windy and a little cool. However, all three children insisted on going in the sea and who am I to stop them?? They all sparked ideas off each other to create their play. They collected seaweed, coordinated by BB, making the biggest pile they could. They spotted interesting things and called to each other to observe together. So lovely to see them think of one another.

On the sandy beach, again the children inspired each other in their play. They started digging, they talked and discussed options, then developed their ideas together to reach a common goal of digging a trench around us. Working as a team they achieved their goal. I listened to their chat, laughter, squabbles and fun (as well as getting stuck into the digging myself too), it was exactly how it should be, wonderful!

The last moment, I’d like to cherish forever, was in the forest. Three siblings playing together, making imaginary things in their own fairy world, then running hand in hand along the path. This made my heart melt, BB in the middle with a sister on each hand. The smiles I saw and laughter and chat I heard was so amazingly magical. This was a totally natural sibling moment that I want to remember forever. A perfect moment.

These are the times that are important to cherish, especially when they are fighting and forgetting they do actually love each other! Watching siblings together, observing their play, interaction and fun makes me realise just how blessed I am.

7 thoughts on “Siblings Together”

  1. This is so beautiful!!! What precious memories to witness. This really makes me want to have some more children. I really want Evie to have siblings in her life to play with and have moments like this.

    It’s so lovely that they were so sweet playing together and being such a good team.

  2. I’m loving watching my two girls relationship blossom this summer, it’s amazing to think next summer they will be running around in the garden together. A lovely read. Thank you x

  3. It is so great isn’t it when you observe those beautiful moments. I have 4 and like you, feel very blessed.

    It’s only natural for children to argue and fall out but makes you have such a special feeling inside when you realise the love and friendship they have and will hopefully always have for each other. #Letkidsbekid

  4. Kids wouldn’t be kids with out a few squabbles together. However when they are interspersed with wonderful childlike play like this you know that deep down they love one another and are great company for each other too.

  5. I was just thinking the same thing about my two this morning-how much I love watching the children playing and growing together over the holidays.

    Especially the summer when we all have quality time together and totally relax. Nothing quite like it is there?

  6. Ah, such a lovely post. I love watching my two together, too, it’s wonderful to see that sibling bond. Looks like you’ve got beautiful photos and memories to cherish here.

  7. That’s one of the things I love about the summer – just letting my two boys spend time together, they’re great friends most of the time and it’s lovely to see!

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