Siblings Can Inspire Each Other

I have previously written about inspiring my children, however lately I have noticed how my twin girls are inspired by their big brother. There was a classic example of this the other night…

BB wanted to read his school book to his sisters. I always think how wonderful it is that he wants to do this. They all get ready for bed in their onesies and the girls sit on their beds while BB stands in the middle of the room to read, we can never get him to sit down for this. I think it makes him feel more important to stand.

Kids playing together

He reads his book and loves to show them the pictures, just like his teacher does I think. I smile to myself every time I see this, it’s wonderful, though it can be a challenge to get the girls to sit still listening all the way through sometimes.

My girls can’t read stories yet, but Pinky was definitely inspired by what BB was doing, so after he finished, she wanted to ‘read her book’. Instead of reading, she pretended to read her piece of paper. She told us all a fantastic story. It was all made up by herself on the spot.

The story was about a green alien with 3 eyes, 4 arms and 1 leg! The alien went to the moon and hid in the holes (she means craters), he ate all sorts of things and got very fat. I was absolutely amazed by how descriptive she was and her use of imagination. I would never have thought a 4-year-old would have been able to make up and tell a story like that, I was so impressed.

I must admit, by the end of it she did get a bit carried away with a lot of wee and poo incidents (why do children feature these things so much?). BB and Boo thought the story was wonderful and really funny too. BB was so impressed he went and made her a well done certificate and gave her a prize (his compass key ring).

This was such a wonderful bedtime together being inspired, learning and supporting each other. Siblings can get into lots of fights, but then this happens and you realise just how close and inspiring they can also be! Heart melting!

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  1. Lovely, my two are the same, one minute fighting like cat and dog and the next Little 2 is watching and copying Little 1 with only eyes for her big sister, I look forward to more moments like yours as they grow up!

  2. What a fab story, it’s always a happy moment when you see your kids working together to inspire each other. It’s funny sometimes to see the different relationships between the kids and they way they’re interchangable one day to the next.

  3. Aww this is full of loveliness! I love that he enjoys reading to his sisters and that he made a certificate and a prize because he loved little Pinky’s story so much…just gorgeous!!

  4. I remember my sister starting school early because she likes copying me =P

    I think the older sibling’s influence will never cease. Always amazing to see younger kids idolize the older ones so we can also ask older sibs to be a nice example to the younger ones. I hope U am making sense =P

  5. I love bedtimes like this- we have exactly the same (genders reversed) with a very bossy 5yo, and just turned 4yo twins. I do wish I had the patience to sustain it more often- I love how your daughter has followed suite.

  6. How lovely. I love seeing the relationship blossom between my two girls. There is 19 months between them and I can’t wait until they are a bit older for things like this to happen.

  7. How absolutely lovely. I would have loved a big brother to look up to. The perils of being the eldest! It sounds like those girls are going to have him to look out for them.

  8. Oh, this is such a lovely post! Siblings can and do inspire, you’re absolutely right. Little Man drew a picture for Boo yesterday and the praise and ‘well done’s she gave him for it were so sweet to hear! I do love listening to stories like this, too, and yes poo is always hilarious?!

  9. Ahh, this is adorable! My oldest has started to want to read to his little brothers recently, and I think it’s a lovely thing for them to do together, even though the word “bum” does seem to appear on the page rather a lot!

  10. I do love the kids imagination! I know what you mean about poos and wees, my four-year-old also likes to include that in her made-up stories too 🙂

  11. Oh yes, really lovely. My son idolises his big sister-he wants to do everything just like her. It’s wonderful to see them supporting each other isn’t it. We have poo and wee featuring an awful lot too-mostly from my son who is also 4!

  12. Awww that was absolutely heart melting, well done little sweethearts for inspiring each other.It really is such a wonderful thing!xx

  13. What a lovely post. It’s nice to see the sibling bond and how they are all learning & inspiring each other as they grow.

    It fondly reminds me of my childhood with my brother.

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