Planting with children

We are currently trying to finish sorting out our garden. Last year we had a lovely patio added and the horrible decking removed. We absolutely love it, but now we need to add some plants, borders and repair the grass that got messed up during the work last year. Hence we are spending a lot of time outside at the moment.

Kids and pot plants

We want our garden to be family friendly, with lots of play equipment for the children to have fun, but also to look nice and relaxing. Additionally we wanted to grow a few veg with the children, to teach them about growing food, where it comes from, caring for things and help get them outdoors.

We have been digging out new borders, which the children have loved helping with. They then spent a very large amount of time hunting for worms! The squeals of delight every time they found a worm would have been heard for miles around!

Next, we bought a planter for the corner, added some soil and got the children to plant some vegetable seeds. They each chose 2 vegetables to plant. Daddy, talked to them about the seeds and how to plant them. They were very excited and found it difficult to wait their turn, but they all had a go.

Then it was time to water the seeds in. My children always like to water plants, so I’m hoping they will help me remember to do this everyday.

I believe planting with children is important, even if the outcome is not great. Last year we planted some, but our crop was not good. I am hoping this year will be better, however, for me it is more about the process of planting, learning and nurturing, than the final product.

Do you plant with your children?

5 thoughts on “Planting with children”

  1. Yes, we do! We’re in the middle of redesigning our garden and as part of it, the kids have their own mini garden, a fairy garden, have planted sunflower seeds and we’re adding a fruit patch this month.

    It’s lovely seeing their interest and they love digging, as I’m sure yours do!

  2. Try stopping my children. They each have their own patch this year. You are totally right about the results being mixed when children garden. We started them of helping in the garden as soon as they could scatter seeds.

    Each year, they get more back from their efforts. If something fails, I don’t hide it from them. Like everything, they learn as they do.

  3. Yes, I completely agree! We started a few years back and each year we grow more and more, it is quite addictive! It’s great for the kids and we also save money in the summer by having lots of edible stuff in our garden. Looking forward to seeing how yours develop this year.

  4. In UK I loved having the kids help me out with the garden whether flowers or veggies. It’s always interesting to watch them become attached to one particular plant as it grows.

  5. Looks great. We planted a vegetable patch last year but it all died. 🙁 But we’ll be trying again this month.

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