OYOY MINI Arca Table & Bench

Children's solid oak table and bench
OYOY MINI Arca Table, Bench and Stool

Children’s furniture can take a lot of punishment, no more so than play tables and chairs that also need to stay in one piece no matter what the kids throw at them.

This solid oak table with matching bench and chair therefore makes an ideal investment, especially when you consider how often they will be used. The minimalist, Scandinavian design also give you everything you need to give the kids a solid, dedicated work and play space and nothing that you don’t.

Oak Play Table
OYOY MINI Arca Children’s Table
A solid worksurface, reinforced with a solid cross-member, secured with a pair of screws at each side.
W82 × D50 × H46 cm
Oak bench
OYOY MINI Arca Children’s Bench
Shares the same form and construction as the table, providing a solid and stable seating surface.
W67 × D29 × H67 cm
Oak stool
OYOY MINI Arca Children’s Chair
The sturdy chair can also double as a bedside table. The hole at the back offers both an easy way of handling or as cable access for a table lamp and chargers.
W30 × D37 × H38 cm

The surfaces are also treated with a natural oiled finish which is easy to maintain and won’t be spoiled by the odd the bump or scratch. The construction of each piece is also no-nonsense with a simple assembly and no awkward fixings to worry about.

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