Kids Natural Adjustable Shelving Unit/Desk

Kid's desk with house-shape frame and a height-adjustable full-width shelf
So many parents out there find themselves despairing at the lack of style, quality, and consistency in children’s accessories and furnishings – until now.

The Kids Natural Adjustable Shelving Unit and Desk has been built with diversity at the centre of its design, giving children a moveable shelf surface, which doubles as both storage and a usable desk and can be adjusted in height as they grow. READ MORE…

With a total of three different fixtures in places for the surface to slot into, the frame of this shelving unit and desk is designed to replicate a house – making it your child’s very own “home” for all their work and all their most prized possessions.

The decision to leave the frame in its natural wooden state allows you and your child to accessorise and finish this desk to your own preference and specification – whether that means leaving it as plain, natural wood or painting it.

Despite being easily adjustable, the surface is perfectly stable and safe, and has been created to withstand both regular use and the growing process of children.

This really is an investment, which can turn from a bookshelf into a homework setting and more.

W100 × D40 × H120 cm

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