Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Going to the park is fantastic. Most of the time we visit the park to play on the swing, slides, climbing frames etc. However, last weekend, the sun came out for a change and I thought, how about taking the kite hubby got for his birthday (erm, back in September), which we haven’t tried yet. So, let’s go fly a kite.

We were lucky enough to meet some friends there. Hubby took a while to set the kite up, so the children went and played on the equipment. There is a set of outdoor gym equipment at our local park and this time the children loved having a go experimenting with it. They obviously were too small and couldn’t do it properly, but they had a lot of fun trying!

Getting ready to fly a kite

Once the kite was ready, we finally managed to get it flying. The girls had a great time dancing around excitedly underneath, looking up in amazement. Unfortunately, the wind was rather gusty, so it was full on for a moment, then it dropped to nothing. This meant it was too difficult to let the children have a go, it was rather tricky to control the kite. We will definitely have to have another go some time when the wind is better.

Flying a kite

Even though the children didn’t get to have a fly of the kite themselves, they had a fab time running around chasing it. I loved seeing them, arms in the air, excitement on their faces, squeals of delight at something so simple as a kite. You can still have fun outside in winter.

Once hubby brought the kite down (or fell down as the case may be), he wound up the string nicely, then disaster struck. A dog grabbed one of the rolls of string and ran off with it!! The dogs owner got it back and returned it, but by this time, it was all completely tangled! Hubby and my friend spent the next 20 mins or so untangling it! (It did make me laugh though!)

It was a lovely afternoon at the park with friends, fresh air, sunshine, open space and friendships, what more could you want?

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  1. We’re never very successful with our kite flying either. It either gets tangled or there’s too little/too much wind but we always have fun attempting to fly it.

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