Jupiter Midsleeper

White mid-sleeper bed frame with storage and desk
Woodgrain finish mid-sleeper bed with storage and desk
W135 × D196 × H138 cm

What if we told you that your children could have their very own space, combining not only a bed that’s designed with them in mind, but which also incorporates storage and a selection of shelving segments – all contained within the footprint of a standard bed? Read more…

The Jupiter Midsleeper is one of those investment furnishings which marks a milestone for your child – granting them the independence of their own space without taking up the entire footprint of a room.

With shelving and different storage areas contained within the exterior frame and underneath the mid-height mattress of this bed, kids have plenty of spaces to keep their possessions, while exercising organisational skills of their own and ensuring they still have plenty of floorspace in the rest of the room to play.

For parents and homeowners, this midsleeper serves a functional and aesthetic purpose, not only as a bed and storage space for children but also with the added desk which is ideal for school work and quiet time.

By restricting all this to one area, it’s easier to maintain a tidy and concise family home – while giving kids access to their favourite books and toys as and when they want them.

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