Preparing for a Birthday Party

When it comes to parties and takes preparation. This week we have been preparing. It is my three children’s birthdays next week (yes, all on the same day, well, all bar about 15 mins for one twin), so preparation has been required.

Baking with eggs

It can be difficult finding a birthday party that suits three children, both boy and girls who are two years apart in age, but after reviewing the fantastic trampoline park in Swindon a while ago, they decided they’d like a trampoline party. We found another park a little nearer us and booked it.

However, it has taken up so much of our time. The booking system is terrible, we have spent many hours typing in friends email addresses and dates of birth, for every party goer, for it to disappear off the system! This process was repeated several times over. Fingers crossed it is now finally sorted.

Apart from the party, I always make my children a novelty cake. This year they have really gone to town with what they’d like. BB has chosen a Millennium Falcon cake and Pinky and Boo want a minion cake. I did manage to persuade Pinky and Boo to share their cake, I really don’t think I can manage three that complicated! Hence, these cakes have taken a lot of thought and preparation.

I am keeping my fingers crossed they work out OK and I manage to get them done in time.

It is world book day for us, Friday, so we have been preparing costumes. BB is being the super hero from ‘My brother is a superhero‘ by David Solomons. I am currently reading this with him, so he’s going to wear his superhero cape I made for him last Christmas.

Boo is being Snow White, we already have that costume, which my mum made several years ago for my cousin. Pinky wanted to be a pirate from ‘Pirates don’t play cricket‘ by Iain O’Brien and Rowan Gibson, she loves that book and we already have pirate costumes, so…great choice!

As it is world book day I also wrote an article on ‘books to encourage toddlers to read‘. I enjoyed remembering all the wonderful books my children used to love and how my son would bring us book after book to read, before he could even walk! That was a lovely time.

March is such a busy month in the Let kids be kids house, so preparation is key!

5 thoughts on “Preparing for a Birthday Party”

  1. Wow you have had a busy week getting prepared for birthdays and World Book Day. Hope that you don’t have any more issues with the trampoline party booking and that BB, Boo and Pinky all have a wonderful birthday.

  2. Wow 3 birthdays! Thats going to be a busy day for you. Hope every event will go without any more glith =)


  3. I can only imagine all that you are currently trying to organise and prepare! Just one party is enough, but three birthdays and those cakes, too – wishing you luck, look forward to hearing about it all x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Wow three Birthdays all on the same day. Love the costumes they’ve chosen and looking forward to the post you’ve linked to. #WotW

  5. Wow three birthdays in one day that’s amazing, I can imagine the preparation you will have to do, There costumes look amazing #wotw

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