Mummy’s Little Garden Helpers

As the weather appears to have taken a definite autumnal turn, we decided last weekend it was about time we started putting the garden to bed. Last year my children enjoyed helping me cut back the lavender bush, so I asked if they wanted to help again this year and they immediately leapt about with excitement!

Little gardener

It was a lovely sunny morning, so out we went to start work on the garden. The children had their child scissors to get cutting back the bush, while I was also cutting back, slightly more industrial strength, or we would have been there all week! The kids really love cutting/pruning the bushes. It’s great for learning scissor skills too. It was hard work, but 3 blisters on my hands and 2 very sore arms later the bushes were looking much neater. However, the ground was a total mess with leaves, lavender and branches everywhere!

The children were a fantastic help picking up all the cuttings, sweeping and generally helping tidy up. I must admit I was very grateful for their help, as it would have taken me a lot longer to clear up on my own. But the great thing was, they absolutely loved doing it. We all chatted while we worked and it was such a good feeling knowing my children were helping me, totally voluntarily and actually enjoying it!

Next, we got the leaf blower out to get the last of the leaves. Of course, BB had to have a go, so he put on his high vis jacket and got to work. He had a great time being a big boy, using the adult equipment. It was very funny, as cars drove past, they slowed down to watch him in his jacket using his, too big for him leaf blower! It really did make me smile watching him!Child using the leaf blower helping

Although we were working really hard all morning, it really didn’t feel like a chore. I loved spending the time working together with my children, their excitement about mundane tasks is so infectious! This is one of the great things about kids, they can find fun in the most boring of jobs, which in turn ensures I have fun too. These moments are really quite special!

9 thoughts on “Mummy’s Little Garden Helpers”

  1. There is something incredibly rewarding about tackling a job together as a family… and isn’t it just lovely being out and about at this time of year. That icey cold sunshine… love it!

  2. Lovely post! Quite inspiring too. There’s rather a lot to do in our garden, maybe I need to get my (not so little) helpers to give me a hand?

  3. I bet it doesn’t really feel like a chore when you’re having fun doing it together 🙂 My lot all love helping daddy with jobs, it becomes a bit if a game 🙂 Wonderful photos of your three helping out, especially the shot of BB with the leaf blower x

  4. Looks great family fun, I had never thought using safety scissors, my eldest is always asking to help, but dread to think what damage she could do to her hands, but will try the scissor trick.

  5. We’ve been doing a bit of tidying too, although its been more my youngest who’s helped, eldest isn’t so keen these days! I love the photo of your son with the leaf blower 🙂

  6. Oh I can’t wait to actually have a garden we can do something with. I really want my children to experience the joy of growing things.
    Looks like your helpers did a great job and really enjoyed themselves

  7. I’m really impressed with your kids! They look like they’re enjoying it too 🙂 We’ve also done a bit in our small garden. Felt a bit sad though when my husband pulled out our lovely sweet-peas which were really “gone”… Yep, autumn is definitely hear.

  8. Ah so lovely, always great when kids are happy helping! Monkey loves helping in the garden at the moment, and I hope carries on enjoying it!! Xx

  9. I love how much the kids get out of helping with chores, really need to get mine doing more of this kind of stuff! Looks like you guys had loads of fun x

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