Fred Safety Stairgate

Babyproofing your home is one thing, but once your child starts to become more mobile it becomes crucial to block certain access points to keep them out of rooms full of hazards, staircases, and garages – to name just a few focus points for parents of young children.

The Fred Safety Stairgate is a versatile solution which is designed to maximise safety and security for your little ones, without impacting or detracting from the aesthetic look and presentation of your home. Read more…

With an understanding that traditional stairgates can quickly become an eyesore when they’re in position, these safety gates have been designed with clear-view screens which streamline their appearance and let your child watch what’s going on through the screen – thus feeding their desire to be involved even when it’s not safe for them to be in a specific room.

The mechanics of these stairgate structures are such that opening the gate is simple for an adult, while the metal outer frame is adjustable and can be adapted to fit perfectly into any doorway or interior space thanks to the screw stoppers at either side.

Existing customers herald the convenience of these stairgates, and cite them as useful for young children, puppies, and other household pets. The all-in-one solution you didn’t know you needed – until now!

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