Farm Play Theme

A play theme inspired by our lovely outing to Amners Farm lambing day, near the village of Burghfield, Reading. If you get a chance to visit your local farm I would highly recommend it.


Suggestions for farm themed activities

  1. Small world farmyard play – get the farm play animals out and pretend play with a tractor, animals and maybe a barn too.
  2. Make/craft small animals – You could craft some chicks, hens, sheep, pigs or cows with recycled junk e.g. egg boxes or toilet rolls, cotton wool balls, yoghurt pots etc.
  3. Make paper plate animal masks – use paper plates to make a pig, chicken or cow mask.
  4. Sing Old MacDonald has a farm or dingle dangle scarecrow.
  5. Read some farm stories, we love the Farmyard tales by Heather Amery & Stephen Cartwright.
  6. Draw and colour some animals and tractors, or maybe get the paints out too.
  7. Make a sensory tub farm – Use lentils, rice, mud, corn, water etc in a tub with your farm animals to get some full sensory play.
  8. Playdoh – have fun with Playdoh making a farm scene like this one from Sugar Aunts.
  9. Have a go a milking a cow, (the homemade version) via The inspired Treehouse
  10. Make a handprint farm like this one at Mom to 2 posh lil divas

4 thoughts on “Farm Play Theme”

  1. My kids love visits to farms and farm animals. In fact, Little Man has just told me he wants ‘animals’ tomorrow while Boo’s at preschool, so I’ll use some of these ideas to keep him happy! Thanks x

  2. We love taking trips to farms. It’s nice for both the girls to see all the animals. They gave a little lamb some food before you should of seen their happy little faces x

  3. Farms are the best places to go, so your farm-themed suggestions are brilliant. Monkey loves singing Old MacDonald at the moment!

  4. Some amazing tips there, thank you! We have a few farms around us, but none that are real easy to get too. So we plan to do those over the summer break for sure! x

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