Donnington Castle, Childhood Fun

The summer holidays have begun, the fun has started and we found the perfect way to kick start it with a visit to Donnington Castle, Newbury

Donnington Castle

We love simple activities and free places to visit in the summer holidays as we feel they often produce the most amount of fun. Donnington Castle was a perfect example of this…simple childhood fun.

We have never been befor, despite being only 15 mins away, so when a friend suggested meeting there for a picnic I jumped at the chance. It’s on our summer holiday bucket list too!

There really isn’t much there. Just walk up a small hill to the castle ruins at the top. The main tower still exists, but the rest is just walls of ruins. On the tower you can see the small windows and there is a gate across the walkway through the tower. It is fascinating to look at. I love trying to imagine how these places would have been years ago with people living there.

There is grass to run around, walls and stones to walk along, sit on and climb, as well as trees to climb. This was amazing for the children and sparked some wonderful imaginary play. Apparently I was a servant…hmm, unfortunately I think that sounds about right?

The children ran around in the sunshine, played, climbed, balanced and had loads of fun.Climbing the ruins at Donnington castle

It was great to watch the children play like this, completely naturally, with nothing but their own imagination, friends and open space.Play at Donnington castle

My friend and I sat chatting in the gorgeously hot sun (there isn’t much shade up there), observing the beautiful view and countryside, relaxing and enjoying the way the children were playing. We both spoke about loving the way the children played here and the perfect example this was of basic childhood fun.Play at Donnington castle

It is a fantastic place for a picnic, which we all enjoyed together, before reluctantly having to head home.

This really does sum up our week…packed with childhood fun from crabbing, beach visits and walks, to playing in streams and crafting…we love it!

8 thoughts on “Donnington Castle, Childhood Fun”

  1. Looks like the children really loved their day of exploring at the Donnington castle. It is so much fun to watch your children run free and make-up stories on days out like this

  2. Now this is my kind of day and your three are a perfect age to make the most of it too. Well done them for taking off to explore by themselves and create their own fun without chants of ” I’m bored” it’s lovely to see simple play like this and I always think more of an adventure with friends too.

  3. Awww the possibilities of things that that castle can be is endless! The place looks lovely and spacious too for kids to run around =)

  4. I love how you were the slave! Sometimes the places that seem small with less to do really inspires the imagination and Games! Bet it was lovely chatting with ur friend in the sun! Enjoy the next week xx

  5. What a wonderful place to explore – perfect for imaginative play and looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. We have friends who live in Newbury and have driven passed Donnington Castle a few times on the way to their house – perhaps next time we should stop off and visit it! 🙂

  6. It looks like a great place to explore and for the children to play. I like to take my children to Beacon Hill near us, it’s at the time of a hill with views all over Birmingham (you can drive there if you are not feeling up to the uphill walk.) There is a Toposcope which is like a small castle and that’s were the kids imagination goes into overdrive.

  7. It looks like a great place to explore. I do love places where children can just run free and get back to basic play, using only their imagination!

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