Christmas is Coming

It’s December and that means one thing…Christmas is coming! I feel we can now officially start thinking properly about Christmas. This week it has definitely taken over.

Christmas socks

I always know Christmas is on its way, when I have stood outside in the cold, rain and wind playing Christmas carols with my brass band in a shopping centre, hence, that’s just what I did at the weekend. Call me crazy, but for some bizarre reason, I love it! Though I did have to wear 5 layers in an attempt to stay warm!

The usual chocolate advent calendars came out and the nativity one which I treasure, but this year we are also doing an activity a day calendar. So far we have sung jingle bells together, written a christmas wish and drawn a Christmas tree. It is a wonderful way to engage children in simple Xmas activities each day.

The Christmas shopping is getting there, the children are almost done, I just need to think more about the other family presents. I have also booked our Christmas grocery shopping delivery slot. At 6am I just about managed to grab the last daytime delivery slot available, what time do I need to get up to secure this in future?

I have made my Xmas cards and I am very pleased with them. These doily Christmas tree cards were so simple, once you’ve figured out which way the folds go.

The countdown has begun!

6 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming”

  1. How organised lovely?? haha. I love your cards…so clever and such a nice touch. I still feel it is sooo warm at the moment was 13 deg yesterday…needs to get a bit more frosty.

  2. Wow it is very Christmassy in your house already! The activity calendar sounds great fun and you are clever with your doily Christmas cards, very creative and they look lovely xx

  3. Ahhh, the Christmas grocery shop! I once missed out on my Christmas delivery when I logged on at 6:30am – so now I stay up until Midnight just to ensure I grab a spot! I would much rather do that then have to deal with the stress of Sainsburys two days before Christmas! xxx

  4. Wow you are so organised! Love the idea of an activity advent calendar, I’ll look out for those next year 🙂

  5. Oh yes, once the advent calendars and the Elf comes out you know you’re into countdown Christmas mode! I think it’s great that you play in a band and whenever we hear them to always stop, we had a brass band in our local high puree. The sound is so typically Christmas, if not know what I mean, pm distinctive. Yup, that’s another one of my signs that it’s Christmas!

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