Always Busy!

These last few weeks have been really busy. I am a stay at home mum and all three of my children are now at school, but for some reason I still don’t have enough time in the day for everything! How does that happen?

Busy mum

I am having to prioritize things as well as put things off for another day, but lo and behold, that ‘other day’ often never comes! I know I am not alone in feeling like this, I have a list as long as my arm of all the things I need to do and would like to do, so I need to get organised if I am going to fulfil this list.

This time of year is always particularly busy for me. My three children share a birthday in March, so I am busy planning their birthday party, cakes and presents. I play in a brass band and every March we enter a contest (an important one), which means extra rehearsals and more practicing for me, this all takes time.

During half term I like to focus on the children, so last week we had a lot of fun making pom-pom flowers, biscuits and other crafts, walking in the woods, seeing friends and visiting a farm. We had a great week, but I didn’t have time to write anything up. I am still playing catch up.

We spent the whole of last weekend building furniture! Yes, Ikea furniture took us the whole weekend to build for my sons room and we still didn’t even finish everything. I have to say though, his room is looking so much better, much more organised, spacious and it now feels like a big boys bedroom with a proper desk for him to write at. He is loving it!

Last night he even sat and wrote his own story (not homework), just because he could! It is lovely to seem him inspired to do this sort of thing. I hope it continues.

It certainly is a busy time for me. It seems the more time I have, the more I have to do! On the up side though, I do actually like being busy. Anyone else feel like this?

4 thoughts on “Always Busy!”

  1. Sorting Arthur’s room out is top of my to do list – I think we’ll have lots of ikea furniture building to deal with in the near future!

  2. I like being busy, too, though I don’t enjoy feeling overwhelmed! BB’s room looks brilliant, so grown up, as you say.

    We were only talking about giving Boo’s room a makeover last night, too, and yes, she’ll lover to have her own desk 🙂

  3. Yes, being busy is good! Although it’s always a fine balancing act though isn’t it. It all sounds very productive though, which is what matters 🙂

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