Snüz Snüzkot Skandi Nursery Furniture

Scandi-style nursery furniture

Scandi living is a trend which is going nowhere – combining the usability of furnishings with a contemporary aesthetic that draws on natural materials and neutral colours. And what better way to instil a Scandi design flair in your children than by furnishing their very first bedroom with items from a Scandi-inspired design and manufacturing brand?

White and oak cotbed
Snüz Snüzkot Skandi Cotbed
W133 × D72 × H89 cm
White nursery wardrobe with drawer
Snüz SnüzKot Skandi Wardrobe
W89 × D57 × H180 cm
The furnishings in the Snuz Snuzkot collection are all built around curved edges, futuristic shapes, and a playful mix of materials and colours which makes each piece stand out. READ MORE…

Despite the wardrobe and dresser both boasting entirely white or grey surfaces, the cotbed adds a natural wood frame which can be removed to create a toddler bed with just one or both sides completely open.

The thin legs at the base of each piece in the collection elevate them away from the ground and add a more stylish twist which ties into modern home décor seamlessly, while the choice to add curved extensions to the outsides of the frame are purely aesthetic but manage to soften the edges of each furnishing and help create a more harmonious environment.

Functionality and durability may be behind the material and main frame of each item, but much of the final touches are all about giving your nursery that stylish and aesthetic edge.

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