Panama Bunk Bed

Proof that sometimes the simplest designs and structures really are the best furniture solutions, the Panama bunk bed collection combines neutral colours and natural material finishes with a straightforward bed frame – presenting an unfussy and simple aesthetic which can be dressed up and down according to the colour palette and design of the surrounding space. READ MORE…

Built from two stacked single beds, the Panama bunk bed slots together perfectly with a built-in ladder which runs up the side of the bed and makes both mattresses easily accessible.

Meanwhile the built-up side which surround the upper bunk optimise its safety and ensure that even very active sleepers will not accidentally roll too far out of the bed.

Both the white frame and the natural wood frame are made from a strong and sturdy pine wood – with the addition of the slats under the mattress ensuring that ventilation is high across both levels.

Whether you choose to keep the aesthetic simple with neutral colours or play into your child’s imagination through the accessories and bedding, the beauty of these simple bed frames is that they are timeless and will never fall out of fashion – no matter how your child’s preferences change.

W198 × D104 × H154 cm

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