Little Acorns Traditional Sleigh Nursery Furniture

White-painted sleigh-style nursery furniture
Little Acorns Traditional Sleigh

Is your nursery a little bland with the neutral furnishings and pastel colours? Dressing up a nursery doesn’t always have to come from the addition of colour – sometimes a reworking of the shapes and textures in your space can add a little aesthetic interest and liven the surroundings up.

And the Little Acorns Traditional Sleigh collection has been designed to do just that, by using curved and warped exterior framing around each piece of furniture to soften its edges and create a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Sleigh-style cotbed
Little Acorns Traditional Sleigh Cotbed
W153 × D79 × H91 cm
The combination of straight white material and the waved edges gives these furnishings a playful look which can transition with your child as they age – whether you decide to leave the pieces plain white or accessorise them with your own colour palette. READ MORE…

The collection, which includes a cot, a child’s bed, a dressing table and a wardrobe, places emphasis on style as much as on functionality – but does so in a way which is subtle and makes each piece super easy to integrate into your home.

Aside from looking great, comfort is also high up on the list of priorities for this collection, with height and storage both playing a part in ensuring that every part of the collection is easy and safe for children and adults alike to access and use.

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