Kylie Metal Day Bed with Pull Out Guest Bed

White metal, vintage-style day bed
Kylie Metal Day Bed
W200 × D105 × H92 cm
White vintage-style day bed with guest bed
Kylie Metal Day Bed with Pull Out Bed

Despite the incredibly simple white metal frame, with its ornate and delicate detailing, this bed frame conceals a couple of different features which all lend themselves to modern living. Read more…

First thing’s first, the construction of a subtle yet stable frame around three of the four edges turns this from a classic single bed into a day bed – perfect for relaxing on with friends, or sitting up to read a good book, surrounded by comfortable cushions and throw.

The second standout feature of this particular bed is the pull out bed which spends any time not in use stashed away under the main frame – invisible unless you know it’s there.

Once pulled out, this bed can quickly and easily become a small double – perfect for those times when your kids have friends over to stay or want a sleepover part for their next birthday.

Not to be confused with a classic sofa bed, the benefit of this particular model and frame is that the main bed frame is not affected whether the pull out section is pushed in or extended all the way out. Users simply need to add a second mattress to the pulled out segment and they suddenly have access to an interlinked double bed.

The additional mattress can simply sit underneath the main frame when not in use, with quick and easy access allowing you to operate the pull out function in seconds.

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