Iver Toddler Bed

Toddler bed with white-painted finish
Iver Centre Space Toddler Bed, White
W148 × D78 × H59 cm
Toddler bed with natural wood finish
Iver Toddler Bed, Natural
W148 × D78 × H59 cm
Finding the perfect bed for your toddler can be difficult. You want to give them enough space and freedom to grow and find their own boundaries, while also keeping the same and contained – able to wander as they please, but also comfortable in their own space and bed. Read more…

The Iver toddler bed is the perfect solution for those parents who want to optimise safety while still allowing their child to leave and access their bed as they want to and as they establish their own routines.

Complete with the structured wood frame around the outside of the bed, and with a high-build finish which makes climbing into bed a little more fun while also maximising the amount of storage space underneath, this bed is the epitome of “meeting in the middle” – and it does so with infinite helpings of style.

Available in two main colour palettes, it is up to you and your toddler how you choose to dress this bed and bring it to life – with the plain white or natural wood structure both lending themselves to your choice of surrounding design and bed spread detailing.

With rounded legs which help to minimise the risk of stubbed toes and injuries, this bed is durable and safe, and will help to prevent them from falling out of bed during the night.

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