Is it worth buying nursery furniture?

Becoming pregnant may be a joyous event for you and your partner but even more so for businesses who have no end of stuff to sell you, most of which you don’t need.

Nursery furniture may be top of your nursery essentials list but, since your baby doesn’t care where you store his/her clothes, is that extra expense really necessary and couldn’t you just get by without it?

The advantages of nursery furniture…

Because nursery furniture is designed to be used in a room where babies and toddlers sleep there are a few safety features that come as standard.

For example, corners and edges will often be rounded and smooth with no sharp edges. Handles, hinges and fixings will also be safer for kids to be around.

By definition, nursery furniture is small and ideal if your nursery is lacking in space.

Furniture for the nursery is often made from solid wood and will last longer than you might think. This makes it ideal for passing down to younger family members or for resale where it can command a reasonable price.


Babies don’t stay small for long and soon enough they’ll have outgrown their tiny furniture.

Some options can be eye-wateringly expensive and prices for a 3-piece set of £2,000 or more are not unusual. Even a budget range will cost around £500

A few more things to consider when buying nursery furniture…

Nursery furniture is often sold in sets comprising of a cot, drawer chest and wardrobe. The idea being that it’s cheaper than buying each item individually but would you normally buy all three items since you could get by with just a cot and the drawer chest?

Bookcases are another popular nursery furniture item but wouldn’t a set of floating shelves be just as useful, take up less space and be a whole lot cheaper?

Nursery furniture often also includes an additional function such as a ‘changing station’ which may be a good idea but does it justify the extra cost?

Furniture that has extended use can be useful though. For example, a cot bed that can transform into a toddler bed at a later date. Or, cots with built-in storage that may negate the need for extra furniture?

When looking around don’t be swayed by cute designs – your baby couldn’t care less what his/her wardrobe and drawers look like and you’ll soon grow tired of admiring them.

If you’re really set on an expensive brand name have a look at second-hand since it’s often in good condition and few people would know the difference.

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