Beach Fun

We are back in the New Forest for a few days and as the sun is shining we thought we’d hit the beach. It was a beautiful day with glorious sunshine, sand and sea, what more could a child want?

Sand castles

The kids couldn’t wait to dive into the sea and splash around. I think this was the warmest, calmest day I’ve ever seen there. The sea was wonderfully warm and still.

We have spent many summer days on the beach, but this has to be the first time the kids have actually gone swimming in the sea properly. Normally, we just paddle and have a splash about, but it was just so wonderful, they went in completely and BB even dived under the water! I love watching them have fun in such a basic way, with nature.

They put rubber rings on and floated around, kicked and splashed and just enjoyed the new experience of fun in the ocean!

The children built sand castles, Granddad built a boat and the kids decorated it. They had fun collecting shells, so much so, that Boo managed to fill and entire bucket, which of course we had to bring home with us.

Next, I had to introduce the children to a spot of being buried in the sand, as I think it is one of those basic fun things, all kids need to experience. We dug a hole big enough for 3 children, they laid down and we covered them up with sand. They giggled and laughed their way through it. They thought it was hilarious. Then they had to struggle to free themselves, but they all managed it in the end before going back in the sea to wash the sand off.

On returning back to the caravan after our wonderful day on the beach, the girls extended their beach play, by looking at their collection of shells. They then made pictures out of the them. They made pictures of flowers, butterflies and even letters. It was a great way to bring the fun back with us at the end of the day.