Child sat on the lawn

Fun in the Garden

Gardens ought to be fun and enjoyable although ‘experts’ disagree. Where kids are concerned though, you can’t beat a good lawn.

Gardening with kids

Kid’s Gardening

Get the kids interested in gardening and, aside from fostering an interest in the great outdoors, they may be become more willing to eat fresh veg. Especially if they’ve grown it themselves!

Little Gardener

Mummy’s Little Garden Helpers

Last year my children enjoyed helping me cut back the lavender bush, so I asked if they wanted to help again this year and they immediately leapt about with excitement!

Kids and pot plants

Planting with children

We want our garden to be family friendly, with lots of play equipment for the children to have fun, but also to look nice and relaxing.

Child watering th eplants

Gardening with Children Tips

Now it is spring, lots of us are desperate to get out in the garden, to get it ready for summer, do some planting, weeding and general tidy up.