Why I Prefer Solid Wood Furniture

My prefered medium is solid home-grown hardwood. Most of my furniture commissions are created specifically for a client, to meet their desires and needs. So if you have a specific desire or need, please get in touch. I can create exactly what you need.

I’ve been designing furniture for international factory-production for much too long. I resent the pressure to compromise on quality of materials and workmanship, just to compete with other mass-produced big name brands

My home is filled with old, old furniture that’s been handed down generation after generation; some of which was made by my ancestors, and still in everyday use. Furniture isn’t made the way it used to be; It’s just not made to last.

  • I want to make furniture from a tree, not from MDF and veneers and chemical lacquers
  • I want to make furniture using cabinetmaker’s skill, not computerised milling machines and nail-guns
  • I want to make furniture that’s guaranteed to last generations, not just a fixed period after purchase

The 20th century turned us into a throw-away society, where it’s cheaper just to buy a new one than it is to fix it. And this wasteful attitude continues to be encouraged by marketers who feed off the profits of cheaply-made mass-produced products.

Do you want to be suckered into buying furniture with a limited life span? Or do you want to buy furniture made to last, made by craftspeople who really care about quality?